New Orleans Architect Stefan Beese wanted a swimming pool for his family. So he did what any savvy designer would do. Well, not exactly.

Instead of drawing up a concept and hiring a pool builder to bring his vision to life, Beese built the pool himself. And he didn't use concrete, fiberglass or a traditional above-ground pool kit.

Putting his own spin on the shipping container home trend, Beese used one that used to hold trash and recycled it for use as the basin of his pool.

What looks more like a swim spa, the 22' x 7' steel refuse container is lined with protective foam insulation and a pool liner for padding. Outside the vessel is clad in pine wood slats. All told, the pool cost $7,000.

Check out his project and read more about how he created the unique swimming pool. What are your thoughts on this alternative approach? Let us know in the comments section below.

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