I’ve been trying to keep up with the lawsuits springing up after the deadline for updating commercial pools for ADA compliance.

During some of my research, one attorney told me he’s heard about issues arising from the use of pool lift covers. Martin Orlick presented a program on accessibility at a hotel industry conference and some attendees said they’re receiving complaints. Here’s how he explained the problem:

“Think of it this way: A pool lift can be 3 or 4 feet high. For most covers, in order to take the cover off, somebody has to lift the cover and pull it up over the pool lift. And some people who have certain types of disabilities, particularly with their upper extremities, can’t do it.

“So you need to be careful, because the Department of Justice will allow you to cover a lift from the elements, but it has to be one that somebody can use independently, where they don’t have to call the front desk.” Another option might be to keep it off during operational hours.

Perhaps your commercial clients could benefit from this advice.