I was driving home from work the other night when I stopped at a light next to what could only be a pool service tech’s truck. Hose and caddy hanging off the back? Check. Poles sticking out from the bed? Check. White chemical buckets? Check, check, check.

One thing that was missing was any kind of identification on the side of the truck. No company name, no contact information, just a plain white pickup.

Now, it’s possible that the tech has other businesses that he uses the truck for, so he doesn’t want to restrict its use to pool servicing. But discounting that, the tech is missing a chance to advertise his business. A pool tech’s truck sits in a neighborhood 15 to 30 minutes at a time, at least once a week. It stands to reason that when there’s one pool in a neighborhood, there are probably more. If one of those neighbors knows how to contact you, they might give you some business.  

There are other reasons to put your business name on your truck. First, it lets people know that the guy who just went into their neighbor’s backyard has a good reason for being there. Safety is another concern. If there’s some kind of issue with the chemicals stored in the truck while it’s parked, a phone number on the truck gives authorities a way to reach you.

Now, how elaborate you get is up to you. Some techs have simply their name and phone number, others put logos of equipment they support and professional organizations they belong to on the truck and some even get their trucks “wrapped” with fancy designs.

But if your truck’s going incognito, think about dressing it up a bit.