Wouldn’t it be great if your entire staff was fully implementing the point-of-sale software you purchased for your pool and spa company? Whether your business management software is new or a few years old, don’t miss out on the highest return on your investment through improved processes and procedures. Now that business is in the off-season, it’s time to get everyone on board with making changes to improve the way business is done. You likely purchased specialized pool and spa software to gain better control of your business. Enforcing use of your company’s software is key! Here are some steps to get you started.

  • Require all staff to watch software training video tutorials online. Staff can usually do this from home or while at work by having access to the internet.
  • Be sure your staff is aware of how to locate and use the software’s Operations Manual, also known as Knowledgebase.
  • Encourage your staff to call and email technical support when they need assistance or, if available, access support via chat.
  • Ensure all computers running your point of sale software have the software’s practice mode installed. Instruct your staff to use the practice mode for a specific duration (two weeks to one month is considered best practice) and follow up to be sure they are practicing.
  • Run reports that reflect each users use in the software.
  • Hold meetings to review what procedures and processes are expected. At this time find out from staff what is working, what is not working, and why.

Now is the time to enforce better use and implementation of your software, procedures, and processes. While this may sometimes seem daunting, following the steps outlined above will help make your company more efficient and primed for growth!

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