The Designer

David Brooks
Greeneville, Tenn.

What the judges thought: With its flowing freeform shape and “sandy” beach entry, this tropical water retreat would leave Jimmy Buffet feeling right at home.

Tropical Tennessee: St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands is a favorite vacation destination for David Brooks and his family. So when he decided to remodel the family pool, it was an opportunity replicate that slice of paradise in his own backyard in East Tennessee. He removed the outdated L-shaped pool and dug a free-form vinyl vessel with a beach entry. Color hardener was used in the concrete mix to match the sand of the nearby volleyball court. The polymer panels were modified to accommodate the beach entry’s concrete slope, which transitions to vinyl and gradually continues to a 3½-foot-deep section before breaking to an 8-foot deep end. The beach entry also makes servicing the pool a (tropical) breeze. Jets force debris onto the shallow shelf for easy cleanup. And there’s no need to drop the water level to winterize — the beach entry is a convenient exit for overflow.

Toes in the sand: The custom-printed liner becomes darker the deeper you go. And the combination of vinyl and ceramic tile along the perimeter is another high-end touch. While the environment evokes a carefree Caribbean hangout, there is one rule guests must observe: To avoid tracking in sand from the volleyball court, they’re instructed to take a quick shower under the faux palm tree, which is equipped with a foot-wash station.