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Forming a Unified Front Against Drought

The new CPSA Chairman provides tips on how to prevent or minimize water-usage... More

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The Potential for Bacteria Testing in Commercial Swimming Pools

While attending the World Aquatic Health Conference last year, I was introduced to... More

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CMP Introduces the DEL AOP 40

The manufacturer adds the product to its line of advanced oxidation systems. More

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Blueray XL Offers Trade-Only Water Treatment Adjuvant

The product is made to increase overall chemical efficiency and remove anionic... More

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Making the Pitch for Swimming Pool Sanitizing Equipment

When selling sanitizing equipment, particularly newer technologies, professionals... More

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Lagoons Gaining Attention of Government Officials

As variations of large-scale artificial lakes and lagoons become more prominent,... More

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California Water Bills Spur Optimism and Watchful Eye in Swimming Pool/Spa Industry

While the new laws don't directly affect water use for pools and spas, they do... More

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The Complex World of ORP

An explanation of Oxidation Reduction Potential and why it often fits commercial... More

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Replacement of Pump Seal

This instructional series is meant to help professionals successfully operate and care for pool pumps. Contemporary Watercrafter's General Manager and CPO Instructor, Howard Weiss, offers tips and tricks on the best ways to tackle the task. Weiss demonstrates how to successfully replace a pool pump seal. More


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Store renovations and a new e-commerce site have been keeping this new...

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Things are looking good for this pool retailer's inaugural year.

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