Technically Speaking

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The Finer Points of Water Treatment

An expert clears up some misunderstood aspects of pool sanitization. More

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Addressing the Nutgrass Problem Around Swimming Pools

Take a look at how this nuisance grows and a proposed remedy. More

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Overcoming Interferences in Water Tests

Many things can prevent accurate chemistry readings. Follow these simple steps to... More

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Before You Backwash a DE Filter, Consider This ...

For more efficient filtration, clean the grids and save water in the process. More

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A Close Look at the Workings of Antimicrobial Filtration Media

To microbes, the filtration area can serve as a reproduction ground and home to... More

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The Complex World of ORP

An explanation of Oxidation Reduction Potential and why it often fits commercial... More

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Expect These Changes in Swimming Pool and Spa Drain Covers

A rewrite of the drain-cover standard is about to be published. Here are some... More

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Understanding ORP and PPM

To benefit from these measurements, professionals first must understand how they... More

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Controlling Moisture and Humidity in Indoor Pools

Indoor pools require maintenance practices that go beyond the traditional service... More


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