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Arizona Passes Law Affecting Payment Schedules for Pool/Spa Projects

The industry sees it as an improvement from the original version, which sought to... More

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Why Are So Many Construction Workers Committing Suicide?

A new report from the CDC places laborers in construction among those most at risk... More

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Expansive Projects Common in Northeast

The Northeast is seeing an increase in whole-backyard makeover projects More

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Charges Mount Against Florida Builder

A builder facing charges from the state attorney general now has had its assets... More

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Carecraft Members Convene in Las Vegas

Optimism and education were front and center at Carecraft’s 24th annual meeting. More

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Tight Credit Halts Pools Midstream

A growing number of prospective residential pool buyers are dropping out of... More

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Latham Plan Leaves PoolCorp Without Stock

Due to the Latham reorganization plan reported last week, most current... More

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Texas Prepares for Market Slowdown

The Texas pool and spa market — once an area of relative strength — has seen new construction drop or even evaporate since the financial crisis began in late summer. More

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Lending Crisis Spreads to ‘Alt-A’ Loans

The housing bust that’s hurting pool construction first struck the subprime lending market last year. Then, this summer, even major brokerage houses began pulling back from lending money to their wealthy clients. More


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