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U.S. Appellate Court Rules on Debit Swipe Fee Cap

An appeals court struck down a ruling that would have lowered the 21-cents debit... More

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Mandatory Minimum

Pool and spa retailers weigh in on the minimum wage debate More

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Dues and Don'ts

For service technicians, when payments are past due, don't overextend yourself to... More

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I'll See You In Court

How to go (or not go) to small claims court More

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Behind the Veil

An insider's view of online pool and spa businesses. More

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Red Cross Fees Cause Upset

The Red Cross has imposed changes in its fee structures that have many commercial... More

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Under Oath

The lure of expert witness work can be strong. More

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The Facts on Fees

The cost to prepare and prosecute a patent vary greatly, and is based on a number... More

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Look  Around

I don’t really care for television commercials. Yes, I realize they pay the bills... More

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Unearned Accolades, Off-Season Choices and Too Much Violence for Boxing

Here’s hoping former NBA star Allen Iverson can catch on with a pro basketball... More

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