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"Course Reflection"
Rob Goodall, Owner
Dan Inderbitzen, Construction Manager
Rob Shaub, Sales Manager/Designer
Goodall Pools & Spas, Camp Hill, Pa.

"Course Reflection"

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"Course Reflection "
Rob Goodall, Dan Inderbitzen, Rob Shaub
Goodall Pools & Spas, Camp
Hill, Pa.

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These homeowners wanted to convert their existing concrete pool into a pool/spa combination. The two bodies of water needed to be plumbed separately to allow for year-round use of the hot-water vessel.

The home sits on a golf course, with a lake behind it. The clients requested a design that would showcase that body of water, as well as accentuate the natural views rather than distract away from them. The home architecture showed Mediterranean influences, so the designers at Camp Hill, Pa.-based Goodall Pools & Spas decided to create a waterscape reminiscent of that region.

Considering that the plot was long and narrow, the team decided a rectangular pool would make most sense. This also would suit the house. The crisp, straight lines of the pool and spa serve as a contrast to the curved edges of the lake.

An elevated inground fiberglass spa would add a note of elegance. Stone veneer on the outside of the raised spa and the steps leading into it would add a little of the Old World.

To create the effect of a spillover spa, while keeping the two bodies of water on separate filtration systems, the team installed a 3-foot waterfall in front of the spa that spills over into the pool.

The spa’s exterior steps run across its width, echoing those of the pool interior. In addition to providing easier access, the spa steps create visual interest, drawing the eye into the pool and spa area.

To create this waterscape, the team at Goodall tore out the entire existing pool and built the ground back up so they could then install the new waterscape, says Rob Goodall, owner of the company.

During the tear-down and rebuild, they had to work around other contractors as the client was also having a home addition built.

The lake added another layer of complexity to the project, with a potential threat of water contamination and space limitations. Goodall took precautions to safeguard against an overflow of the lake into the pool. After the old pool was removed and backfilled, the crews built a pair of tiered walls — a lower one near the lake, a higher version by the pool — with a planter in between. The tiered walls were intentionally placed to separate the bodies of water without obstructing the view. They were also designed to provide a pleasing aesthetic when viewing the property from the water.Underneath the pool, crews laid 4-inch schedule 40 piping across the width of the deepest part and tied that into a site pipe that would allow them to look down and check for water intrusion in the pool area. This design also allows for access if work ever needs to be done to remove water and avoid structural damage.

Pump: Pentair Intelliflo VSF
Filter: Pentair Clean & Clear Plus 420 Cartridge System; Pentair Clean & Clear Plus 200 Cartridge System for spa
Heater: Pentair UltraTemp Heatpump 125,000BTU; Pentair MasterTemp 175,000 BTU Natural Gas Heater for spa
Controller: Pentair Intellicenter
Chemical Feeder/Sanitation System: Pentair Intellichlor IC-40 Salt System
Interior Finish: Latham Brand Fiberglass
Waterfeatures: CMP Brilliant Wonders 36” LED Waterfall
Automatic Cleaner: Maytronics Dolphin Active 20
Lights: Pentair Microbrite Color 100’; Pentair Globrite Color LED light 100’ for spa
Jets/Swim Currents/Spa Components: CMP; Latham Standard Spa Jets
Drain Covers/Fittings: CMP
Skimmers: Waterway
Pool or Spa Cover: Merlin Dura-Mesh Safety Cover; Merlin Insulated Spa Cover
Handrails: Saftron Triton Series
Fibeglass Pool: Latham Monaco Fiberglass Pool in Granite Crystite Finish
Spa: Latham Royal Non-Spillover Spa in Granite Crystite Finish; 2 HP Silencer Air Blower