"Organic Flow"
Randy Angell, CEO
Brad Holley, Designer
Matthew Larkam, Landscape Designer
Randy Angell Designs, Plano, Texas

Justin Brown, CEO
Elite Outdoor Concepts, Frisco, Texas

"Organic Flow"

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"Organic Flow"
Randy Angell, Brad Holley, Matthew Larkam
Randy Angell Designs, Plano, Texas

Justin Brown
Elite Outdoor Concepts, Frisco, Texas

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While this site was set in a neighborhood consisting mostly of traditional architecture, the home featured all the markings of modern design, such as clean lines, white stucco and glass walls that opened up in the back.

Unfortunately, a nearby home put a substantial damper on the aesthetic, with a heavy brown roof that the clients wanted to conceal. Additionally, the pool would sit on a narrow lot — only about 25 feet deep and 70 to 75 feet long.

“They wanted a very modern, kind of Zen feel to everything,” says Randy Angell, CEO of Randy Angell Designs in Plano, Texas.

From the start, Angell knew he wanted an eye-catching waterfeature near the back wall of the property, aligned with key views from the home. This would help conceal the neighboring roof.

His specialty aesthetic — organic modern — made perfect sense in this application. The structures themselves would bear straight lines. But through the plants and materials, he would introduce nature into the mix.

That vision directed the combination of shapes, lines, textures and colors. With this as his guiding principle, he was able to create a feature wall that juggled several textures while looking cohesive and even simple.

White stucco like that used on the home was applied to the panels flanking the rain curtain. But laser-cut steel panels, coated in a color nearing lime green, not only added a pop of color to the neutrals, but tied in with the home interior, which included gold, orange and blue.

While the color choice wasn’t obvious, there was a solid line of logic: He wouldn’t use the same colors as those in the home, but he would choose a green of the same color value as the interior accents. “It creates this really striking draw as you’re walking through the house,” Angell says.

The leaf pattern cut into the steel was meant to contrast the harder neutral materials borrowed from the home architecture while making a visual connection with the trees planted at the back fence to help conceal the neighbor’s roof. “That leaf pattern in the laser-cut steel evokes the softness of those plants,” Angell says.

The texture combinations on the wall also strayed from the safe. The gray stacked stone created a distinct horizontal line, while the vertical pattern of the rain curtain goes against that grain, boosting the impact of what can be a subtle waterfall. “A lot of times, rain curtains are not as showy as you might expect,” Angell says. “I think the differentiation between the horizontal line of the stone and the vertical line of that water makes the water feature stand out more than it would otherwise.”

A gray stucco plinth reflects the same color as the stacked stone, topped by a concrete planter colored in the same green as the steel panels. The plinth is topped with steel succulents to add height and natural forms, without the maintenance of natural plants.

A grayish-brown composite wood on the deck and bench add a warmer, natural element that blends with the cool-toned stacked stone. A raised planter of black painted steel sits on the other side of the feature wall.

Color-changing lights are placed at the top of the rain curtain and under the wood bench next to the wall.

Angell carried the laser-cut leaf pattern to other parts of the yard. Larger steel panels stand near the end of the pool, except these are coated in white so homeowners can wash them in color from LED lights. Similar panels were repeated on the patio shade.

Bubblers on the pool’s two wet decks add sound near the house. Individual valving allows them to run separately, so they can run separately or together.

Pump: Pentair VSF 3HP
Filter: Pentair Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge System
Heater: Pentair Mastertemp 400k and Pentair 140 UltraTemp
Controller: Pentair Intellicenter with Screenlogic2
Chemical Feeder/Sanitation System: Pentair Bioshield UV; A&A In-floor
Tile: Knox Tile, INAX Yohen Border IM-1015P1/YB15H Blue Mix
Coping: Burlington Key West 2cm 24x36 porcelain pavers w/ custom mitered edge
Deck Finish: TimberTech Legacy Collection in Mocha for the composite decking
Interior Finish: Wet Edge Primera Stone
Water Features: Great American Waterfalls - Aqua Rain 5’
Automatic Cleaner: A&A In-floor
Lights: PAL Lighting - Evenglo
Jets/Swim Currents/Spa Components: Waterway Pulsar
Drain Covers/Fittings: A&A AVSC Dual Port Suction with plaster-over covers
Autofill: Pentair Intellilevel
Skimmers: Pentair Quickskim Venturi; HIDE Skimmer Lids
Outdoor Elements: Ledgestone wall - MSI Glacial Black Stacked Stone; Steel plants by Desert Steel; Custom-painted Low Bowl Planter from Jackson Pottery; Sculpture by VK Sculptures; Furniture by Gloster and Cantoni