PHOTO: Carlos Vélez

Carlos Eduardo Vélez Godín  | CEO | CVG Group | Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Andrés Gaitán Araque | CEO | Ambiente Azul | Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

Linear oasis

Wrapping around two sides of the home and clad in materials that complement the abode’s color and texture, this pool/spa combination forms an oasis of geometry among the native lush greenery.

“The pool speaks the same language as the house,” says builder Andres Gaitan Araque. “So it’s like a perfect balance.”

While the clean L-shaped pool with perimeter overflow serves as a perfect companion to the house, its colors also blend with the natural lake just beyond the property’s confines.

On the practical side, one leg of the pool serves as a 25-meter swim lane for exercise, while the oversized beach entry allows easy lounging.


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CVG Group
Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
Ambiente Azul
Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

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Green glass mosaic tile lines the waterscape for added depth. This has become a trend in the naturally verdant region, where some believe a blue pool wouldn’t look natural. “We decided to use the green so the pool seems more like a lake than a pool,” Gaitan Araque says.

Gray porcelain deck tiles play off the texture of the house.

To keep the form as simple as possible, the team placed the spa inside the pool’s outline, with walls slightly below water level. This conceals the spa so it doesn’t add more lines to the schematic.

The designers wanted to integrate the concepts of health and wellness into the waterfeature. The spa features a product called an Air Volcano, a blower placed in the center of the floor that provides additional hydrotherapy. The stylized stainless steel Waterfall Cannon, placed just outside the spa, provides the sight, sound and feel of moving water. Changing colored lights were added for color therapy, with a starry-night effect or celestial floor on the beach entry.

Pumps, filters, lights: Pentair
Heater, controller: Zodiac/Jandy
Jets, fittings: Hayward Pool Products
Sanitation: BS Pool
Interior finish/tile: Ezarri
Coping, skimmer: Rosa Gres
Waterproofing: Fixcer
Waterfeature, manual waterfeature sensors,spa air feature: Flexinox