The Designers

RivieraPool Fertigschwimmbad
Geeste, Germany

Top Star International
Enschede, Netherlands

Van der Linde Architects
Deventer, Netherlands

Wiggers Vastgoed
Oldenzaal, Netherlands

What the judges thought: This project presents a cohesive minimalistic look with clean lines, from the custom color blend of the tile to the built-in spa. It ties in perfectly with the surrounding architecture and environment.

Fully custom: For this residential health room, the homeowner and design team sought a pool with a simple, asymmetrical shape to fit the modern, minimalist architecture of the home. They found the answer from RivieraPool’s custom line, in which each pool is made using prefabricated elements to create a unique shape. The homeowner visited the manufacturer’s showroom to design the tiled fiberglass pool to perfectly fit the room, which was complete with several saunas. “They had particular shapes in mind and were looking for companies able to produce this particular type of shape,” says Matthias Rosemeyer of RivieraPool based in Geeste, Germany. A standard-form spa was used, but integrating it in the pool presented some challenges during construction. The fiberglass shell was cut on one side to allow the spa to be inserted in. Because of the asymmetrical design and size of the project, two roller cover systems needed to be utilized. The manufacturer worked with its pool dealer, the home’s construction company and the architect to complete the project.

Tile done right: When deciding on tile, the homeowners wanted a gray palette. RivieraPool custom-blended a mosaic mix without a directional pattern for easy installation. The fiberglass shell was dropped into the home with a crane, protected while the roof was finished, and then RivieraPool’s subcontractor finished the tile installation on site. “When you have an overflow system, we usually make sure that everything is perfect in line to the millimeter, and then do the last touch with the mosaic on site,” Rosemeyer says.