Four waterfalls and three koi ponds, running from one end of the property to the other; a reflecting pool; a small fiberglass pool; a spa; a fire pit; outdoor kitchen; a gazebo; and a grotto. All situated on a half-acre. Jason Jayne and Randy Tumber of Ontario, Canada-based Tumber & Associates delivered big on the 2011 Pool & Spa News Masters of Design-winning project in the waterfeatures category. And it's why veteran editor Linda Green named it her all-time favorite MOD project as part of our Staff Pick series.

"What the Tumber team was able to accomplish on this small Canadian property is nothing short of miraculous," she says.

The 6,000-square-foot European-style home is situated on an open corner lot and the homeowners were seeking privacy without making the yard look overcrowded or as Green puts it "cheesy."

A variety of tress, shrubs, grasses and flowers combined with bridges of wood and stone leading to the spa and situated over waterways adds to the appeal.

"What I love about this project: how truly natural it all looks, and how Tumber was able to transform a half-acre into a woodland setting," she explains. "It’s so lush you’d never guess the neighbor’s house is just 20 feet away."

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