Christian Terry

Christine London, owner/landscape architect, Christine London, Ltd., Beverly Hills, Calif.

Corey Ruppert, owner, Salt Mine, Topanga, Calif.

David Penton, CEO, Fluid Dynamics Pool and Spa, Fullerton, Calif.

Mark Holden, Principal, HoldenWater, Fullerton, Calif.

This impressive waterscape covers 3,000 square feet, nearly every inch of which required the utmost in precision.

First, it includes more than 240 linear feet of perimeter overflow edge. Not only did this necessitate a ¹/16-inch tolerance, but much of the perimeter had to line up precisely with the deck. The concrete pavers cut with an detailed radial pattern and designed by Lara Fishman, principle of Los Angeles-based Storm Interiors, required an exacting hand. Under normal circumstances, it would be enough that the pavers bore the pattern. This alone required that each piece be numbered and set according to a template to ensure that every component sat in its place and the lines connected perfectly from paver to paver.

In this case, however, the submerged perimeter-overflow coping also contained the pattern, so it also had to meet up perfectly with the deck — despite the fact that a different company fabricated each material. To make this possible, the pattern was rendered in Auto CAD, and the fabricators kept exactly to the drawings.

The pavers and coping were installed by a local team of contractors renowned for their work on museums such as the Getty. Shaw & Sons of Costa Mesa, Calif., installed the pavers, while Carnevale and Lohr of Bell Gardens, Calif., placed the coping stone.

The client also requested a starry night floor. More than 1,000 points of fiberoptic light were included in this loose interpretation of the Milky Way.

The perimeter-overflow spa is maintained year-round at 104 degrees Fahrenheit and sits right next to a cold plunge, which remains at 43 degrees. The dark brown glass mosaic, installed by Rock Solid Tile of Calabasas, Calif., contrasts with the lighter tones on the deck. Twenty-four-karat white-gold tiles provide accents. The spa also includes a custom toe-kick that conceals the suction ports, along with fittings color-matched to the glass tile.

For a touch of whimsy, the homeowner designed a glass mosaic tile mural with colorful zig-zag patterns, which was installed at the pool’s deep end.

To make sure the whole thing stays put on the precarious hillside property, it is secured with 5-foot-diameter caissons delving approximately 65 feet into the ground.

Autofill: Jandy Levelor
Feeder or sanitation system: IPS M-920 with Clear Water Tech ozone systems
Heater: Raypak - X-therm 1505, pool; Jandy - Hi-E2, spa; American Chillers, cold plunge chiller
Interior finish, drain covers: PebbleTec - Pebblefina Cielo Blue
Outdoor furniture: Ledge Lounger
Pump, filter, controller, lights: Pentair Intelliflo-XF, Clean and Clear Plus, Intellitouch with Screenlogic and iLink, Globrite
Tile: Bisazza - custom client blend
Waterproofing: Aquoron