The design team wanted their creation to integrate with the home’s contemporary design, which features strong vertical and horizontal lines. They decided on a triangular theme, with a three-sided spa and modified triangular pool. The travertine deck offers a neutral canvas. Pieces of the stone were cut and used in place of waterline tile.

A roof-level waterfall adds a bold arc and big sound. In addition, it can be viewed from virtually every room in the U-shaped house. To complement the dominant fall, a low-lying perimeter overflow waterfeature in black sits tucked away in a nook. Seen directly across from the spa, the feature adds a touch of quiet, elegant contemplation. It spills over onto surrounding gravel, then trickles down into an underground holding tank.

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Builders had to install the plumbing for the high waterfall before the home’s foundation was dug. A comparatively small sheet fall spills over from the spa to the pool. This offers a quieter alternative when the homeowners don’t want the sound level created by the larger fountain. This waterfall can be seen directly from the dining room.