The owners of this Martha’s Vineyard vacation property wanted a pool similar to the one found at the Delano South Beach, a renowned Florida hotel known for its perimeter-overflow design and sun shelf so large it accommodates visitors on chaise lounges. The vessel is raised 6 inches for maximum reflection, while the shelf takes up almost one quadrant of the pool.

The massive pool reflects the scale of the sprawling house and property. Unlike its light-colored southern counterpart, this pool was built with dark materials for the ultimate mirror-like effect. Black absolute granite veneers the coping, while the pool interior is finished in black pebble. Bluestone decking is completely appropriate for the region and helps bridge the sleek pool with the abode’s traditional architecture.

The homeowners wanted the generous 12-foot spa to be a little different from the pool, so they opted to place it flush with the ground and give it a round shape. They also hoped the elevated pool would provide some shelter against ocean breezes.