Steve Knetig

Lead Architect
Gregory Thomas
CG&S Design-Build

This West Austin backyard simply wasn’t living up to its potential: An existing hot tub sat beside worn flagstone and sparse landscaping. The homeowners wanted an outdoor living space to match the beautiful view.

Gregory Thomas, lead architect on the project, conceived a completely new design for the terrace and spa area.

He had everything on the terrace removed, and he replaced the old deck with Oklahoma flagstone, Lueder’s flagstone and a nicotine limestone wall veneer to add color, texture and visual interest. He incorporated the tub back into the design by surrounding it with stone and placing it inside a stepped planter.

The natural materials were used intentionally to join the landscaping and view. Thomas playfully uses shapes, colors and textures to create a space that feels natural to the backyard and enhances the homeowner’s outdoor experience.

Steve Knetig

During the remodel, the home’s location and terrain caused some unique obstacles for builders. It was especially difficult to transport construction supplies to the hot tub area. For easier access, the crew carved a “highway” through the trees and shrubbery in the backyard. When the project was complete, the homeowners infilled the path with native vegetation, hiding evidence of the transport route.

The result is an outdoor living space that blends elegantly into the yard’s scenic surroundings. Hot tub users can also soak in the beautiful view.