Design Team:
James Santiago
Merit Landworks
Scottsdale, Ariz.

James RheadOwner
Supreme Pools & Saunas
Scottsdale, Ariz.

Mary NarvellScottsdale, Ariz.

 What the judges thought:
The designer took quite a few risks, but all of them were done with purpose and paid off. Any other [tile] color would have been overstated, but the subtle desert rose tone pairs beautifully with the natural materials used elsewhere. — Kate Wiseman, principal, Sage Outdoor Designs, San Diego

Figurative range: To open up the view of Pinnacle Peak, the design team lowered the existing property wall by approximately 16 inches. They gave it a curving top edge to evoke a mountain range. They did the same with the wall around the waterscape, veneering it in the deep copper glass tile, to add dimension to the impressionist mountains. Native specimens in the planter introduce realism to the desert tableau. Pre-existing mesquite and foothill palo verde trees just outside the property are thinned out occasionally so the homeowners can view Pinnacle Peak through the canopies. A sunshelf, surrounded by a vanishing edge so it appears to float, is outfitted with a permanent chaise.

Desert rose: Three varieties of copper glass tiles are used throughout the installation to provide different textures and feels. The colors transform throughout the day from a rosy copper to more golden tones later in the day, as the sun directly faces it. Homeowner Mary Narvell personally chose copper accents for the sheet waterfall, walls and scuppers.

Cozy spot: The love-seat spa is meant for a pair to take in the mountain view. It bows out from the wall to open up the interior and introduce a subtle curve.

Continuous flow: The bar at the side is attached to the surrounding wall to continue the sense of flow. It is supported only by two pillars for a fairly inconspicuous profile.

Clever placement: The barbecue is carefully placed so it's hidden around the corner from the bar, behind the tile wall, yet the tall husband, who usually does grill duty, can look over the wall to see the pool.