Working with landscapers and architects to create a color palette can be tricky. Often these artists will use words that pool designers rarely hear. Below are some terms that will help you speak the same language.

You can describe any color using these three terms:

  • Hue:
  • Another name for color. It’s the red, blue, green or yellow of a color.

  • Value:
  • The lightness or darkness of a color (aka tint, tone or shade).

  • Intensity:
  • The brightness or grayness of a color (aka saturation or chroma).

    Most colors fall into a variety of categories. Here are a few:

  • Achromatic colors:
  • Whites, grays and blacks.

  • Neutral colors:
  • Light and dark gray colors, often used as backgrounds.

  • Cool colors:
  • Blue, green and purple. Relaxing colors, generally with blue in them.

  • Warm colors:
  • Red, orange or yellow. Aggressive colors, usually with red in them.