Rena Goldman

Many people have trouble visualizing what they can’t see, which can be tricky when dealers have limited showroom space. Videos are helpful sales tools, but might not capture a person’s full attention on a busy floor with other sights and sounds. Virtual reality is the next frontier, and Bullfrog has embraced it.

The idea to create a VR experience came from dealer and wholesaler responses to Bullfrog’s Water Reimagined video series, according to Samson Madsen, the company’s creative director. Many of the firm’s customers incorporated the video into their sales process and VR seemed like a logical next step.

“We wanted to give the customer an experience that was completely focused,” says Madsen. “And we get 100% of the viewer’s attention if they’re inside the VR.”

Madsen — who has a background in film, TV and special effects — worked with a team of freelancers to create the experience internally.

Customers can put on the VR headset and learn about Bullfrog Spa features with a 360-degree high-definition tour. The VR experience, which can be ordered from Bullfrog, comes with the hardware and will work on any VR headset, including the Google cardboard version that can be used with a YouTube video.