Waterway Plastics has recalled a drain cover used on certain portable spas.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of approximately 26,000 Designer Pro Series Suction Covers installed in certain hot tub models produced by Catalina Spas, Four Winds Spas, Dimension One Spas and Sunrise Spas from June 2011 to June 2013.

“There have been a very small number of these that have become disengaged from the wall fitting,” said Brooks Hilton, general manager of Waterway, an Oxnard, Calif.-based producer of pool and spa products. “We are notifying the consumer so that they will be aware of the proper procedure should their cover become loose or become disengaged.”

The black and silver, round-shaped drains are stamped with the number 640-52XX S on the outside edge of the plastic. The recall number is 15-014.

The manufacturer approached CPSC about a recall after receiving approximately 70 complaints about drain covers disengaging from spa walls. No injuries have been reported.

Waterway officials stated the recall results from a molding and sizing problem, not a compliance or ratings issue. The covers became loose because of over-sized screw holes, Hilton said. “There was a metal insert that the screw attached to that was able to pull out,” he explained.

After June 2013, Waterway undertook mold changes to eliminate the issue, and the change was accepted by CPSC as a permanent solution.

“After we received the complaints, we looked at the part and we changed the way that we put in the metal insert so that it physically cannot come out anymore,” Hilton said. “It’s installed from the back of the fitting now.”

The agency recommends consumers stop using the affected spas and contact Waterway for instructions on inspection and how to receive a free replacement cover if needed.

“The covers are safe as long as they’re attached,” Hilton said. “Once they become attached it’s not an unsafe situation anymore.”

Waterway has contacted the affected hot-tub manufacturers, who are notifying dealers. Retailers are asked to notify customers who purchased the listed spa models and explain how to inspect the drains to see if they have loose or missing covers.

Additionally, dealers should display a poster notification of the recall for 120 days, Hilton said.

If the covers are not loose or missing, then they will not need to be replaced, Hilton said. In the case of loose covers, the homeowner will be asked to try tightening with a screw driver. If a cover can’t be tightened, a replacement kit will be sent to the homeowner. It can be installed with a Phillips head screwdriver.

In response to the recall, dealers such as St. Cyr’s Pool & Spa in Middleton, Mass., will be going through customer lists to find potentially affected homeowners. President J.R. Patten expects his company will check more than 100 of the Dimension One hot tubs his company sells.

“Even though this may not be a Dimension One Spas warranty issue, I will be providing the labor of my technicians to rectify this with a replacement given to me from Waterway,” Patten said. “For me to call them on the phone and say, ‘Don’t use the spa until we figure it out’? It’s not fair to them. So I need to find the cure, then deliver the goods.”

“I’m glad to see Waterway and Dimension One Spas being proactive to rectify something that they think might go wrong,” he added.

Consumers and dealers can call the manufacturer for instructions on its recall hotline, (866)719-6044, during regular business hours, Pacific Time. More information also can be found at waterwayplastics.com by clicking “recall” under the Resources pull-down tab.