This unique energy-efficient heater was a hot item at the PSP Expo. Judges took notice of the new technology, which combines gas and electric inside the same unit, and awarded UltraTemp with first place in the Best New Product category.

Heating technology in other industries has evolved to save energy for the consumer and reduce environment pollution, says Azur Dzindo, global product manager at Pentair Water. His goal in designing the UltraTemp ETi was to provide an efficient product that would heat a pool or spa quickly at a low energy cost. The unit uses an ozone-friendly refrigerant and has a 100% pure titanium heat exchanger to protect against corrosion.

In addition, the heater incorporates automation to help reduce energy waste. Digital controls with dual thermostats provide precise temperature control for pool/spa combinations. Once the desired temperature is reached, the gas (which is the pricier energy source) switches off and the heat pump maintains the temperature.

“This is the first ever pool heater with hybrid technology, which saves energy, and titanium heat exchangers, which can last many years,” says Dzindo.