Automatic cleaners come in almost every shape and size, and run the gamut from simple suction and pressure devices to smart robots with advanced sensory equipment. Here are a few of the unique adaptations robotic cleaners can offer.

Comprehensive cleaning

Though robots can’t climb steps — yet — they can reach just about every other spot in the pool. While many automatic cleaners move around the walls and floor at random, many robotic cleaners are designed to canvas the entire pool systematically.

Smart sensors

Some robotic cleaners come with air sensors or infrared beams, which can prevent them from rolling too far up a zero-depth entry, and help them avoid objects dropped into the pool. Other robots can work with add-ons that support these technologies.

Deep reach

Automatic cleaners use a variety of methods to remove debris, from brushes to vacuums to water jets. The latest robotic cleaners are designed for maximum scrubbing — often via jets — and minimum surface abrasion.