Four competing manufacturers have joined forces to begin an organization that promotes the safe use of cyanuric acid.

The CYA Smart Alliance was recently launched by founding firms Clear Comfort, Sigura, Orenda Technologies, and HASA. It was largely begun in response to the recent questions and controversies surrounding the chlorine stabilizer as the industry tries to determine ideal CYA levels, said Steve Berens, CEO of Clear Comfort.

“The arguing that’s going on right now on the standards bodies, that needs to happen” he said. “But right now, retailers, builders and service companies want an answer that they can rely on while this thing happens over the next years.”

The idea isn’t to fall on one CYA range or methodology, but to encourage acceptable levels for various systems and impart the importance of this to consumers, Berens said. As such, the organization’s website ( will outline the acceptable CYA levels of each manufacturer members’ system. “The key is not to go down a path that balloons the level of CYA so that it’s completely ineffective to run an oxidizer in a pool,” Berens said.

The group seeks further members, including manufacturers along with retailers and service firms. Member companies will be able to use the CYA Smart Alliance badge on their websites.

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