Speck Pumps – Pool Products

Badu EcoMV, the energy-efficient variable speed pump by Speck Pumps, now is available in 2.5 HP and 3.5 HP and incorporates a new, 100 percent recyclable, gray-colored wet end.

Contact: (800) 223-8538; usa.speck-pumps.com

Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog Spas has entirely redesigned and reengineered all its spas for 2013. The new premium line, A Series, includes 7 new spa models, while the mid-range line R Series now includes an additional 4 models. Also reengineered for 2013 is the JetPack Therapy System, which now is featured in each unit. The Jetpaks, which utilize a patented and proprietary manifold to completely do away with conventional plumbing, also interchange easily in seconds with a push and lift system.

Contact: (801) 565-8111; bullfrogspas.com


Pleatco now offers Filter Flosser and Power Pic, powerful, easy to use tools specifically developed for cleaning cartridge filter systems for pools, spas and industrial applications. These quick and easy-to-use tools fit a regular garden hose, save 50 percent of time and water and can be used for any filter cartridges regardless of size or make, say company officials.

Contact: (516) 609-0200; pleatco.com

Water Tech

The new Pool Blaster SpaVac from Water Tech is a simple,lightweight, easy-to-use spa vacuum that removes the smallest dirt and debris, say company officials. The complete SpaVac kit comes with a sectional pool pole for extended reach cleaning. The cordless unit will vacuum for more than an hour using three C-cell batteries.

Contact: (800) 298-8800; www.watertechcorp.com


VacCare’s new automatic air relief safety valve, ASV3000, provides immediate release of trapped air inside a pool filter, guarding against injury or death from accidental blow offs. Made of high-strength thermoplastic materials, the valve is equipped with a debris purge system, a filter cleaning vent plug, an automatic reset, and a self-cleaning rotating mechanism. Regardless of pump or filter size, the valve adjusts itself to any pressure level of an existing pool system.

Contact: (818) 701-6200; www.vaccare.com

Splash-A-Round Pools

Splash-A-Round Pools’ new Quik Swim pool is meant to fill the gap between inexpensive inflatable pools and premium quality soft-sided pools, say company officials. The cash-and-carry product measures 10 x 18 x 4 feet and includes a skimmer, skimmer basket, return line, underwater patch kit, two winterizing plugs and two wall fittings. It features 1 ½-inch galvanized steel framework, 27 Mil polyfabric reinforced liner and a 20 x 20 scrim polyester fabric core.

Contact: (909) 980-7709; splasharoundpools.com

Aquamatic Cover Systems

HydraLux by Aquamatic Cover Systems is a trackless, floating European slat-style pool cover that can be used on any converging pool or spa shape. Made of extruded, rigid PVC slats, the cover provides automation without the use of tracks, ropes and leading edge bars. Available in models and up to six colors, it can be installed as a recessed, in-floor or deck-mounted system.

Contact: (800) 262-4044; www.aquamatic.com


The Century Centurion PRO pool and spa motor’s new features include a hybrid end frame design, a PCB terminal board, voltage change device, a definitive shaft access path, and sealed ball bearings, among other enhancements to the accessible design that improves the installation experience.

Contact: (866) 887-5216; www.pool-motors.com

Magic Plastics

Magic Plastics’ Retro Smart Check Valve can be used to switch out and upgrade an old-style restrictive Center-Poppet Spring or an old-style Swing Check Acme Threaded valve. It is sold separately as a replacement body in 1 ½- and 2-inch sizes. The light ½-pound spring allows the valve to be installed in any orientation while still achieving a 100 percent full-flow opening.

Contact: 661-257-4485; www.magicplastics.com

Great American Merchandise & Events

GAME’s newest addition to the SolarPRO line of solar heaters for aboveground pools is the affordable, easy-to-install, expandable SolarPRO TM1. Each comes with 60 feet of hose and adapters for Intex pools.

Contact: (888) 382-5988; www.game-group.com


Raypak’s new Professional Series Variable Speed Pump line, is available in two model sizes: PS165VSP at 1.65 HP and PS270VSP at 2.70 HP, the former of which utilizes a new technology motor and controller from Century. The pump features easy-to-read 24-hour scale and RPM, which can be set from 600 to 3450 with increments of 250 RPM, as well as built-in freeze protection and 2-inch quick disconnect unions for easy installation and service. It also includes Includes built-in power back-up that protects programming.

Contact: (805) 278-5300; www.raypak.com

Aqua Products

Designed for all pool shapes and surfaces, the new Aquabot Breeze 4WD from Aqua Products captures debris down to 2 microns. It features top-loading access for quick and easy cleaning of the filter, and a rotating brush underneath to loosen stubborn dirt.

Contact: (800) 221-1750; www.aquabot.com

International Code Council

Available in spring 2013, the ICC’s ISPSC Code and Commentary contains the full text of the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, including tables and figures, and corresponding commentary at the end of each section. It also contains the APSP-7 Standard for Suction Entrapment Avoidance.

Contact: (800) 786-4452; www.shop.iccsafe.org

Aqua Creek Products

The new Pool Pro-XR lift is based on Aqua Creek Products’ original lift design. Certified by a third party for ADA compliance, it includes a 350-pound weight capacity, an extended reach, a higher seat for easier wheelchair transfers, and an increased setback of up to 38 inches.

Contact: (406) 549-0769; www.aquacreek.com

Kelley Technical Coatings

Olympic Clear Sealers from Kelley Technical Coatings are water-borne acrylic coatings available in semi-gloss and matte finishes. Perfect for salt protection on natural stone and rock and ideal for patios, decks, pavers, waterscapes and more, the sealer can be applied by spray, brush or roller.

Contact: (800) 458-2842; www.kelleytech.com

AquaStar Pool Products

The patent-pending 20-inch Full Circle Suction Outlet Cover and One-Port Manufactured Sump by AquaStar Pool Products is surrounded with pebble/plaster so it appears to blend into the pool’s finish. It also features a disposable plaster shield to eliminate debris from entering the sump and an integrated AquaStop to prevent water leaks.

Contact: (877) 768-2717; www.aquastarpoolproducts.com

RB Control Systems

RB Control Systems’ Business Management Software now features new Warranty and Returned Goods modules, integration with Optimus pool and spa parts online, plus five new products: Online Bill Pay, Mobile Live app with Bluetooth connection to the ITS Pool Check I strip reader, Water Lab Sync to link to analysis software, RB Service Pro for small service-only companies, and RB POS for the retail-only specialist.

Contact: (866) 933-9099; www.rbcontrolsystems.com

Latham International

Latham Pool Products’ new patent-pending Ultra-Seam process makes floor seams stronger and virtually invisible, say company officials.

Contact: (800) 833-3800; www.lathampool.com

Pool Cover Specialists

Pool Cover Specialists has upgraded the Infinity 4000 Automatic Pool Cover Mechanism to include the new Quick Connect Cords for simple wiring; the new Reversible Double Dog, which allows a technician to reverse the double dog in seconds without having to pull the unit; and the new 2013 Smart Controller to change torque and sensor modes in the field using the key switch or touch pad.

Contact: (800) 369-5152; www.poolcovers.com

Myron L Company

Myron L Co.’s new ORP and temperature tester ULTRAPEN PT3 features dip and scoop sampling for standing bodies of water and vertical streams for real-time analysis. Constructed of durable aircraft aluminum, it is fully potted for extra protection with an easy-to-read LCD and one-button functions.

Contact: (800) 869-7668; www.myronl.com


The Super Noodle House from Floatstorage.com now comes with a nylon mesh bag insert with an added side pocket, for a total of four, for extra storage space.

Contact: (214) 352-4690; www.floatstorage.com

Hayward Pool Products

Hayward Pool Products’ new Salt & Swim 3C Salt Chlorinator offers a natural and cost-saving approach to chlorination that also eliminates red eyes, dry skin and hair, and harsh chlorine odor associated with factory-produced chlorine, say company officials. Each unit produces 200 pounds of 100 percent available chlorine.

Contact: (908) 351-5400; www.hayward.com

Praher Valves

The PVC grade 1-NFS approved EZ Turn Compact Ball Valve guarantees EasyTurn Operation throughout the life of the valve due to low friction seals and special assembly methods, say company officials. The valves are Schedule 80-150 psi rated and come in in 1 ½-inch through 3-inches sizes.

Contact: (800) 461-4915; www.prahervalves.com


Poolmaster’s new Aqua Drifter Chair features a contoured body design, inflatable pontoon-style side floats, and a built-in pillow. Made with durable, non-corrosive PVC framing, whether resistant textile fabric, and available in a compact, full-color merchandisable box, it also comes in a lounge style.

Contact: (916) 567-9800; www.poolmaster.com

Afras Industries

Install the new patented Press-in Check Valve from Afras Industries by pressing it inside of the standard pipe fitting such as adapter, bushing, elbow, nipple, coupling or tee. Available in ½-, ¾-, 1-, 1 ½- and 2-inches.

Contact: (805) 230-0011; www.afrasinc.com

Artistry in Mosaics

Artistry in Mosaics is offering several new ceramic designs such as the new high-definition Sailfish, Marlin and bait for them to chase. New glass mosaics also will be available.

Contact: (877) 777-1393; www.artistryinmosaics.com

J&J Electronics

The new Color Splash LED lighting fixtures from J&J Electronics offer the same functionality as the company’s Color Splash replacement lamps and still only use 45 watts. The fixtures feature a zero pixilation lens and a rugged contemporary design. They also allow for multiple light synchronization and custom color selection, and are rated with a 50,000-hour life.

Contact: (800) 735-4553; www.jandjpoolspa.com


The newly patented technology of AquaFinesse makes the water treatment product an easy-to-use, single solution to keep pool and hot tub water clean, crystal clear, silky soft and balanced. The first water treatment product made especially for swim spas, AquaFinesse eliminates biofilm, cleans the water and reduces the need for harsh chemicals, say company officials.

Contact: (800) 263-8250; www.aquafinesseone.com

Master Spas

The Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas by Master Spas offers 5 models for 2013 including a commercial rated unit. These models offer the Wave Propulsion Technology with optional upgrades to the Wave XP Series or the Wave XP Pro Series.

Contact: (260) 436-9100; www.michaelphelpsswimspa.com

Coast Spas

The new EcoClean UV Stabilizer from Coast Spas features ultraviolet, low-pressure, mercury vapor, germicidal UV lamps that produce the UV-C dose necessary for the eradication of microorganisms. The UV light is generated by an electrical discharge through low-pressure inert gases and mercury vapor with the special quartz tube of the lamp. The UV rays are generated at 254 Nm.

Contact: (604) 514-8111; www.coastspas.com


Waterco’s full range of sand filters (sizes 20 to 40 inches) will feature a new Fish Tail lateral system, including the T-Series, Micron S Series and Micron SM Series. The Fish Tail design utilizes the full capacity of the bottom of the sand filter unit by increasing the amount of lateral exposure by as much as one third in some tank sizes, while also reducing the risk of channeling within the fitler bed, say company officials.

Contact: (706) 793-7291; www.waterco.us

Dimension One Spas

Dimension One Spas’ new Meridian model fits seven and features 45 hydrotherapy jets, multiple seat heights, a Sport Zone therapy bench, backlit twin waterfalls, a Crystal FX lighting system and a built-in stereo option.

Contact: (760) 727-7727; www.d1spas.com


ZR-tek’s new PR-720 Pure Rain Water Pool Ionizer eliminates allergies, odors and irritating elements from pool, spa and fountain water using copper mineral ions.

Contact: (818) 445-3279; www.zr-tek.com


Auraco’s new pH neutral and chemical-free Spa Filter Cleanser removes dirt, lotions, body oils and organic contaminants.

Contact: (855) 514-3370; www.auraco.net


The new 100 percent waterproof DryCASE backpack features a purge valve that allows inflation and compression of the pack, or it can be used as a draining tool. It includes a 30 liter main compartment with an internal zippered pocket for smaller items, a front mesh area for wet items, a side water bottle holder, bungee cords, padded shoulder straps and back support.

Contact: (910) 791-0009; www.drycase.com

Pacific Sands

Pacific Sands has added to the line of EcoOne Balance Products, including pH, pH Minus and Alkalinity Plus in 2- and 22-pound sizes.

Contact: (262) 925-0123; www.ecooneproducts.com

Emerald Spa

Emerald Spa’s Great Lakes model GL 35 now features a new cut-corner design for installation in deck areas with limited space. The two-person unit features customizable jets, a lounger and bucket seats, recessed cup holders, multi-colored LED lighting and molded head rests.

Contact: (616) 871-3400; www.lifeisgreatlakes.com

Balboa Water Group

MicroSilk for Hot Tubs from Balboa Water Group produces billions of oxygen-rich micro-sized therapy bubbles that increase oxygen levels in the water to improve natural collagen production, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, giving the bather young, silky-feeling skin, say company officials. The bubbles enter the pore, remove impurities, smoothen and plump the bather’s skin, and neutralize free radicals.

Contact: (717) 384-0384; http://younglooking.me

Basal Chemical

Basal Chemical’s new eco-friendly Safe-N-Clean Pool Clarifier is a concentrated gel tablet that uses a proprietary blend of biodegradable polyelectrolytes and other nontoxic agents to help sand, diatomaceous earth (DE), and pleated filters to become more efficient in the removal of bacteria, viral species, microscopic particles, and odor causing oils. The gel disperses over a period of 3 to 20 days depending on the delivery method. Effectively treats up to 30,000 gallons of water for 30 days, says company officials.

Contact: (561) 251-6752; www.basalchem.com

DEL Ozone

DEL Ozone’s new, sustainable and eco-friendly Solar Eclipse combines UV radiation and the antimicrobial oxidation power of ozone to work synergistically and independently to create hydroxyl free radical, which enables minimal amount of chlorine use.

Contact: (800) 676-1335; www.delozonepool.com

Byron Originals

The new UltraLift Cover Lifter by Byron Originals is a one-size-fits-all unit constructed of e-coated and powder coated aircraft-grade aluminum/cold rolled steel that features a patented sliding mounting bracket for side or deck installation. Each manual lifter can be converted to a hydraulic assist or undermount version.

Contact: (712) 364-3165; www.stepnstow.com/ultralift.pdf

Industrial Test Systems

The award-winning Pool Check i handheld digital analyzer from Industrial Test Systems has been upgraded to include Bluetooth. This capability instantly transmits test results for six vital pool and spa water parameters with time and date markers from the analyzer to smartphone apps or computer software. It is compatible with pool maintenance software from App on the Run and RB Control Systems.

Contact: (800) 861-9712; www.sensafe.com

Caldera Spas

The Atlas Neck Jet on Caldera Spa’s Utopia series is redesigned to accommodate a wider range of body types. The housing for the above-waterline jets has been reduced in size. New jets with adjustable nozzles direct water flow to specific areas of the neck or shoulders. A redesigned pillow keeps jet spray contained.

Contact: (800) 669-1881; www.calderaspas.com

Arch Chemicals / Lonza

PhosFIGHT Phosphate Remover from Arch Chemicals / Lonza has been proven to remove phosphates sourced from pool chemicals, fertilizers, cleaners and contaminants that may be introduced into the swimming pool water. This product will not alter water balance, say company officials. It also is ideal for use with salt generators.

Contact: (800) 445-2059; www.ultimapoolspa.com

Frank Wall Enterprises LLC

The new Smart Gasket by Frank Wall Enterprises is a peel-and-stick gasket material for use on vinyl skimmers, main drains, return inlets, lights and steps that can be applied easily without the use of glue.

Contact: (800) 488-9146; www.frankwall.com

Cover Valet

Cover Valet’s new Spa Side Heat Premium Patio Heater has a striking, modern design with a flame that dances within a 4-foot-high quartz glass tube, offering even, safe heat distribution. It includes an infrared remote control.

Contact: (800) 730-7727; www.covervalet.com

Delta UV

Delta UV’s new BlueLine UV Series removes the smell of chlorine; helps prevent red eyes, dry skin and damaged hair; and destroys microorganisms not eliminated by chlorine and salt systems, say company officials. Manufactured in the USA, the products are available to fit any size of pool or spa.

Contact: (866) 899-8765; www.deltauv.com

Gulbenkian Swim

The new ultra compact EG-33 Slimfit Goggle from Gulbenkian Swim features metallicized lenses, patented slim fit racing gasket system design, UV protection, four interchangeable nose pieces, and a double silicone strap with slotted clip adjustment. Carrying case included.

Contact: (800) 431-2586; www.gulbenkianswim.com


Inter-Fab’s second generation Build Your Own Slide BYOS 2 is wider and deeper, and delivers more water than the original BYOS. Available with seven different sections that can be combined to create endless design configurations, BYOS 2 comes in seven colors, including four granite upgrade options.

Contact: (800) 737-5386; www.inter-fab.com


The 2012 edition of the Uniform Swimming Pool, Spa & Hot Tub Code published by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials recently completed the three-year consensus development cycle accredited by the American National Standards Institute. Also available as a fully bookmarked eBook, it features several significant changes regarding the proper installation and inspection of public and private swimming pools, spas and hot tubs.

Contact: (909) 472-4100; www.iapmo.org

Dust Collection Products

The new Dust Muzzle Ultra Leatherneck from Dust Collection Products is a universal dust collector that fits all 7-to-8-inch grinders. The collapsible shroud can handle any thickness wheel, from 7-inch diamond cup wheels to 1/4-inch silica carbide wheels. An inner steel ring and rubber guard keep the shroud away from the wheels.

Contact: (877) 223-2154; www.dustmuzzle.com

King Technology

Made specifically for pop-up pools, the Flippin’ FROG by King Technology is an easy-to-use device that features a top cartridge with six months’ worth of minerals and a bottom cartridge that holds two-to-four weeks’ worth of chlorine. When the system flips over, users twist off the old chlorine cartridge and twist on a new one.

Contact: (800) 222-0169; www.kingtechnology.com

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