Bill Baker

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The Path to Redemption

Several years ago, the Texas legislature considered requiring fences around... More

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Master Pools Guild Founder Passes Away

Bill Hanousek, the last of the four pool builders who formed the Master Pools... More

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Key California Bills Pass Legislature

California’s legislature has passed two highly anticipated bills — one to address... More

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State Safety Bill Will Require SVRS’s on Pools

The Texas Senate has passed a pool and spa safety bill that would implement safety... More

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Residential Portion of VGB Act Set in Motion

With the passage of a new spending bill, the Consumer Product Safety Commission... More

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California Introduces VGB Bill

The California Assembly recently introduced a bill intended to bring the Golden... More

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In the Name of Safety

On July 29, 2009,Seattle was blazing. More

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Florida Bill Mandates Strict Safety Measures

Florida legislator has introduced a pool safety bill that could require every pool in the state be fitted with a suction entrapment prevention system. More

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Tragedy Hastens National Safety Bill

The evisceration of a 6-year-old Minnesota girl has brought suction entrapment to the forefront of the national press, and likely will speed passage of the first national pool and spa safety law. More


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