Frequently, people in the pool and spa industry tell me how difficult it is to find good employees. Well, let me tell you, it is no different in the publishing business. Our editorial department had two positions become vacant at almost the same time, and we had a heck of a time finding the right people to fill them.

However, I’m happy to announce our search had a happy ending.

Katherine Wang started in September as Associate Editor for Pool & Spa News. She recently graduated from UCLA, and served as an intern atTravel Age West magazine. The thing that impressed me the most about Katherine was her excitement about the prospect of coming to work here. When we first called her to set up an interview, Katherine acted as if she were being summoned to the White House to receive an award. It quickly became apparent that her enthusiasm was matched by a keen intellect and tireless work ethic. Katherine is a gifted writer who is eager to learn more about the industry. I’m sure you will find her articles to be interesting and informative.

Our second new hire is John Miles, who will serve as our Products Editor. John comes to us from Leawood, Kan., where, in addition to working as a grant writer, he wrote for the local Humane Society newsletter. John is exceptionally good natured, bright and competent. He is in charge of all the information about the various products that appear in the magazine. He also produces trend stories and profiles of unique people in the industry. If you know of anyone John should write about, don’t hesitate to give him a call.

Obtaining strong staff members is increasingly difficult these days, and I feel blessed to have found these two wonderful employees. Although it’s tempting sometimes to “settle,” and hire someone you know will be adequate, our search has taught me that it’s a mistake to accept anything less than excellence.

Erika Taylor
Erika Taylor