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AquaFinesse LLC.

Locations & Contacts

  • 3226 Taylorsville Hwy.
    Statesville, NC 28625
    (704) 838-8111
    (866) 574-2782
    (866) 880-1508
    Chris Lacy, V.P. Sls. & Mktg.

Manufacturer Brands

  • Aquafinesse™

The patented AquaFinesse formula applies a ground breaking, proven technology which addresses the living environment of the bacteria ( biofilm ) in your hot tub, spa or pool water, reducing their numbers dramatically. Meaning high levels of sanitizer are no longer required.

After loosening the biofilm from the surfaces, the AquaFinesse formula leaves a thin protection layer which prevents re-growth of the bacteria. AquaFinesse is environmentally-friendly, safe, and kind to your skin.

AquaFinesse water care solutions are easy to use, this means you and your family have more time to enjoy your hot tub, spa or pool. Once a week treatment, that's all it takes!

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