Now that your pool is open for the season — hooray — there are some simple steps you can take to keep it pristine. For starters, take advantage of your pool pro’s water-testing service and advice for keeping your water clean and clear.

Then, turn to an automatic pool cleaner to do some of the busy work for you. These workhorses are programmed to regularly scrub down the walls and floor, and vacuum up dirt and debris — freeing you up to lounge by the pool, instead of working on it.

Thanks to today’s advanced technology, automatic pool cleaners present an efficient and affordable way to keep your pool sparkling.

There are three main types of cleaners:

Suction-side models that use the pool pump’s power to suck up debris. These often run on the same schedule as the pool’s filtration system.

Pressure-side units that rely on an independent pump to collect litter.

Robotic cleaners that are propelled by low-voltage motors to draw water in as they move across the pool floor and walls.

Not only do these machines save time and money, but they also help improve water quality and minimize the impact on our environment. Most models can navigate around a pool’s shape and curves, and even clean the tricky areas around ladders and drains.

Additional features of these cleaners vary depending upon the model. Many are designed with a computer chip that allows them to memorize a pool’s characteristics to maximize performance. Such “smart” models are able to determine upon first use which cleaning pattern is most effective and then automatically perform that pattern at each subsequent use.