The motors that power pool and spa pumps are among the simplest devices serviced by the industry’s technicians — especially when troubleshooting and repair are performed systematically.

Motors used on pools and spas are small in comparison with those used in other applications — typically in the 1/2- to 3-hp range. But they play a crucial role — effectively the heart of a circulation system. This makes them among the most important parts of the pool/spa package.

Because motors are such basic components of pool and spa service, motor repair is always a popular hands-on topic for service seminars and classes. In fact, this type of equipment repair is usually the first step taken by technicians who are branching out from basic service into equipment repair.

The reason for that business decision is obvious: Quick, effective motor repair can provide a good monetary payoff as well as fill in some spare winter hours of shop time.

Motor service, while straightforward, still requires a solid, systematic approach. With that in mind, manufacturers provide simple, step-by-step troubleshooting tips for service techs. The rules found herein are general enough to be applicable to most models you’ll work with.

One last note: Be careful when dealing with electricity. Before you examine the motor or remove its cover, be sure to first turn off the electrical power at the fuse or breaker box!