At a trade show earlier this year, I ran into a seminar instructor who mentioned that he had done an impromptu survey during one of his sessions.

“There were around 100 people in the class,” he said, “and I asked them, ‘How many of you are confident working with variable-speed pumps?’ Only three raised their hands.”

He went on to state that there’s a pressing need for industrywide education regarding this new technology.

Though I agree, I’ve noticed that the problem runs deeper than learning how to operate a series of controls. The very nature of the product needs to be better understood.

We’re entering an era where government standards of energy efficiency are dictating the selection of a pool pump, and it’s crucial that builders are knowledgeable about which application suits a given project.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of confusion and controversy out there. In an effort to bring clarity to the issue, Pool & Spa News has published an unbiased look at the different kinds of energy-efficient pumps available.

It’s easy to write an article that heaps praise on a particular item: All you have to do is call the right people and report the positive things they say. It’s much harder to examine a product category in a more objective light. Not only do you run the risk of alienating readers, but it’s even more critical that every word be perfect because the stakes are much higher.

But it’s worth it. Professionals in any industry need to be able to count on their trade press to honestly discuss issues, legislation and products that are vital to their businesses.

The article was written by Shabnam Mogharabi. All of the staff members who worked on it strove for perfection, which I recognize is a tall order. This represents our good-faith effort. Shabnam did an amazing job on “Peak Performance Pumps.” I applaud her diligent research, integrity and persistence in producing this fine piece of journalism.