For years, the fiberglass pool industry has focused its energies on big pool markets such as Florida, California and Australia.

But recently, many manufacturers say they are signing a greater number of dealers in cooler climates in the Northeast than ever before. In addition, Canada has experienced phenomenal growth in the fiberglass pool segment.

“The construction cycle there is short, so it’s difficult to build a concrete pool business because you don’t have many good warm days,” says Kirk Sullivan, president of San Juan Products Inc. in Lakeland, Fla. “We had never really marketed into Canada. I thought that if you went above the United States, people don’t swim. But that’s not true.

“In some subdivisions of Montreal, if you want to install a pool, you have to tear one out,” Sullivan adds. “The density is that tight.”

Since beginning distribution in Canada two years ago, he says his dealer base has doubled. “It might be about ‘keeping up with the Pierres,’” Sullivan jokes.

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