Our editorial department doesn’t traditionally see much turnover. However, recently that changed, and I want to introduce you to three new faces.

Senior Editor Shabnam Mogharabi was promoted, and now works with another Hanley Wood magazine. Her job focused on business issues and is crucial to our publication, so I took a great deal of care to hire the right replacement. Jim Lakely turned out to be that guy.

Jim comes to us from Washington, D.C., where he was a political reporter for The Washington Times. Following his stint on Capitol Hill, he worked as a columnist for a variety of newspapers. He is originally from Pittsburgh and loves swimming, politics and the Steelers — though not necessarily in that order.

Next up is our Products Editor. John Miles was promoted to Senior Editor/Technical, and I was hard-pressed to find a replacement with his friendly demeanor and eye for detail. Luckily, Jessy Goodman applied. Jessy is a recent graduate from CSU Channel Islands, and this is her first “official” job. Her enthusiasm was immediately apparent during our interview. When I brought Jessy to the cubicle where she now sits and showed her the area, I felt a little uneasy. It’s not one of our nicer spots — a bit dark and off the beaten track — but Jessy took one look at the workspace and grinned. “Cool!” she said. “I’ve never had my own cubicle.” She has proven to be a wonderful asset to the department.

Last, but certainly not least, is our new managing editor, Dan Schechner. His predecessor, Rhonda Wilson, accepted a position with another publication, and Dan has had to pick up the day-to-day management of the magazine during a very busy time. Fortunately, he’s more than up to the task. Dan’s most recent position was as city editor with the Pasadena Star News. He brings experience in trade magazines as well, from the supermarket industry to sporting goods. He hails from Miami where, despite living near the beach, he preferred lounging with his friends by the family pool. Dan is naturally gregarious and looks forward to his new role with the magazine. He will be at the IPSE in Orlando, and has made it a goal to immerse himself in the industry.

Please feel free to call or e-mail Jim, Jessy or Dan to say “hello.”