As 2017 heats up, pool professionals are upping their game with the industry’s hottest trending products and services.

Customers are demanding new features, technologies, and practices from their builders and service providers. It’s time to get ready for a successful summer.

Here are five pool trends your customers will be requesting this summer:

1. New Technology Land Rush

New approaches have come to the pool market. Builders and service companies are adjusting to the demands of consumers who prefer complete solutions whether it is their technology, their food or their pool.Sanitation technology is also rapidly evolving. New solutions like hydroxyl-based systems are proven, effective and superior alternatives to chlorine and salt. These new methods bring both primary and residual sanitation in one system and outperform older technologies like UV and ozone. Industry leaders are now rapidly adopting and adapting to this new breed of sanitation.

2. Continuous Care

For a century, pool management has relied on manual testing, measuring and dosing -sometimes only once a week. Over the last decade, smart technology has simplified pool chemistry management. With variable speed pumps, automated pH management systems, and strong oxidizers and sanitizers, pools can get continuous, cost-effective care all day, every day. This new automated paradigm allows builders and service companies to trust that the pool is properly and safely maintained.

3. Eco-Conscious Homeowners

The largest growing homeowner markets are comprised of millennials and Generation X. These younger consumers want to reduce chlorine and other chemicals from their cleaning supplies, food, and drinking water, and their pools are no exception. Pool professionals are providing chlorine-free and low-chlorine options to attract and keep these premium customers. This market is growing and redefining how people want their pool water managed.

4. The Whole Pools Era

Health-conscious customers can be a challenge or an opportunity for a pool business. While the industry has relied on traditional chemicals for decades, consumers now associate chlorine with its negative health effects, irritation, and odor. Smart pool professionals are integrating solutions like hydroxyl-based sanitation to serve this fast growing, premium market. In turn, customers benefit from lower chemical exposure, better feeling water, and a healthier overall experience.

5. Sleek and Integrated Pool Design

Modern design elements are a sign of the changing times. Pool designs are becoming more integrated and aesthetically pleasing. Evidence of this shift in pool design is the increasing number of infinity pools, knife edge pools, integrated outdoor living and elaborate water features. In addition to this new aesthetic, pool owners value the complete experience, including healthy water quality.

Pool businesses have an opportunity to align customer demand with their offerings by delivering luxury pool elements like chlorine-free treatment, automated water care, entertainment centers and energy-efficient lighting. Professionals that get ahead of the market will grow faster, make more profit, improve their brand and have happier customers.

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