One of the nation’s largest electrical suppliers recently increased its rebates for variable-speed pumps.

Homeowners in territories covered by Southern California Edison now can receive $300 back (up from the previous $200) when they buy any of several approved variable-speed models. Pool professionals also receive a $100 rebate for selling the product.

The offer was made through the utility’s Home Energy Efficiency Rebate Program. It applies to pumps purchased from Sept. 3 to Dec. 31, 2010, or until funding runs out, said SCE program manager Larry Tabizon. To qualify, the pumps must be installed by Feb. 28, 2011.

“It’s a nice incentive,” said Bryan Chrissan, owner of Clear Valley Pool & Spa in Temecula, Calif. “Anything coming back to the homeowner is huge. And it’s not a delayed rebate; customers hear they’re getting money back in a month.”

SCE has allocated $500,000 for the rebate program, which is receiving renewed interest from industry professionals, Tabizon said. In fact, discussions are under way to expand the program into Southern California’s desert cities, he added.

Citing the 33 percent rebate increase, Chrissan already had sold a handful of the pumps by mid-September.

“I just fill out most of the information for the customer and hand it to them, so it’s almost ready to go,” he said. “I may even drop it in the mailbox for them because there’s $100 in it for me, too.”