Approximately 1,900 pool lifts have been recalled by SR Smith, said the Consumer Product Safety Commission in a press release. The lifts come from the company's Splash! and PAL Hi/Lo and Spa lines. They are most commonly used in municipal and community swimming facilities or hotels, but also have residential applications.

The Canby, Ore.-based pool products manufacturer is recalling 1,800 Splash! lifts manufactured between January 2013 and September 2015. Also affected are approximately 40 lifts from the PAL Hi/Lo and Spa lines: PAL Hi/Lo lifts with model numbers 250-0000, -0005, and 005K; and Spa model 275-0000 with manufacturer dates between December 2014 and September 2015.

CPSC stated that the lifts were being recalled due to inadequate welds in the base plate or mast. In at least two incidents, the lifts fell over - one occurred with an individual in the seat. No injuries have been reported.

Owners of the recalled lifts should stop using them immediately and contact the manufacturer for a free replacement base or mast assembly, CPSC said. To find out if the lift is included in the recall, users can check the base of the mast to find the model number and manufacturing date. The names "Splash!" and "PAL" also are printed on the base of the lifts.

SR Smith can be reached by phone at (888)497-9290; email at [email protected]; or to learn more online.