The following models were named in CPSC’s recall. Consult the terms of the recall for more information about its application and exemptions.

A&A Manufacturing

10” drain – Model #560

AquaStar Pool Products

4RNDxxx, A8xxx, 8AVxxx, 8CCxxx, LP8AVxxx, LP8MHxxx, RLP8AVxxx, RFS9xxx, 10AVxxx, 10AVRCFRxxx, RFS12xxx, RWAV9xxx, RWAV12xxx, SUN9xxx, SUN12xxx, SUN18xxx, SUNA18xxx, WAV9xxx, WAV12xxx, WAV18xxx

Color Match Pool Fittings Inc.

8-AV-101, 8-AV-102, 8-AV-103, 8-AV-105, 8-AV-106, 8-AV-108, 8-AV-109, 8-PTD-10, 8-PTD-101, 8-PTD-102, 8-PTD-103, 8-PTD-105, 8-PTD-106, 8-PTD-108, 8-PTD-109, 10-AV-101, 10-AV-102, 10-AV-103, 10-AV-105, 10-AV-106, 10-AV-108, 10-AV-109, 10-PTD-10, 10-PTD-101, 10-PTD-102, 10-PTD-103, 10-PTD-105, 10-PTD-106, 10-PTD-108, 10-PTD-109

Custom Molded Products

25508-XXX 9”, 12” and 18”, 25513-2XX,25513-3XX,25513-7XX,25513-8XX,25515-7XX,25516-7XX,25517-7XX,25539-7XX,25539-8XX,25548-7XX

Hayward Pool Products

WGX1031B, WGX1032B, WGX1033B, WG1032PAK2, WG1033PAK2, WGX1031BHF, WGX1033BHF, WG1033HFPAK2

Pentair Water Pool &Spa

500300, 500301, 500400, 500401, 500410, 500420, 500421, 500430, 500431, 500500, 500501

Rising Dragon USA

SafeFlo Suction Fitting Part#RD641-1100

Waterway Plastics

640-81XX V, 640-311X V, 640-470X V, 640-475X V

These manufacturers conducted their recalls independently because so few of the applicable products were in distribution:

Lawson Aquatics

MLD-FGD-1818, MLD-GOD-1818, MLD-SG-1818, FI-SG-181818, FI-SG-181824

Paramount Pool & Spa Systems

MDX 2.5”, MDX 75