Zodiac Pool System’s entire Jandy Pro Series line of variable-speed and two-speed pool pumps now are Energy Star qualified, signifying they meet or exceed energy-efficiency guidelines as outlined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The newly certified pumps include variable-speed VS-FloPro and ePump, and two-speed Stealth, FloPro and PlusHP series pumps, for a total of 18 certified pumps. According to the EPA, multispeed pumps save energy by reducing pump speed: Decreasing speed by one-half uses just one-eighth as much energy. A certified pump saves more than a thousand dollars over its lifetime, and often pays for itself in three to five years. “We’re excited to have our full line of variable-speed and two-speed pumps meet Energy Star certification requirements,” said Mike Giddens, product manager for pumps and filters. “This gives both consumers and pool pros a number of energy-efficient options to choose from.”