These preventive tips can help preserve the life of a cleaner and system.

Slow down. A cleaner with too much suction or pressure is both erratic and ineffective. Just as important, water moving too rapidly through the unit will cause premature wear. This is especially true of models with a large number of moving parts.

If the hose is being plugged directly into the skimmer, install a regulator valve to control the suction. Use a timer to run the cleaner for a few hours each day. And if the homeowner has a variable-speed pump, use a lower flow – just make sure it’s still strong enough to move the cleaner.

Keep it straight. Because hoses are rarely stored in the shade, UV damage often results in cracking.

When homeowners remove the cleaner, they tend to coil the hose on deck. As it sits in the sun, the hose’s plastic is stretched by the heat. When the hose is unwound again the strain creates wear and, eventually, cracking.

Ask homeowners to leave hoses unwound, if not covered.