One of the fastest-growing areas of interest in the pool industry is Advanced Oxidation Process sanitizers. For pure oxidation potential, AOP is the most powerful option on the market. It works faster than any single system. It can be more effective than chlorine, UV-C and even ozone.

More AOP options are available now than ever before. How do you identify the right system? Below are three areas of focus to help you decide.

There are a few recognized ways to generate AOP. Techniques that are measurable and quantifiable offer the best option. Systems with verifiable output are able to receive third-party validation.

  • The most measurable way to produce AOP is by creating hydroxyls with ozone and UV. We know exactly how much ozone is made and how powerful the UV-C bulb is.
  • Ozone generated by corona discharge is proven to produce more ozone which creates more hydroxyl radicals. This is better than generating ozone with a UV bulb.
  • Third-party NSF validation provides comprehensive inspection and testing. With a system that is NSF-50 certified for the microbial kill, you know that it is proven to be effective specifically for destroying harmful contaminants that can make you sick.

A system should not only work but should also install and service easily. Ozone and UV require maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. Better AOP systems let you know the system is working at all times.

  • Effective AOP systems are completely self-contained. An all-in-one design simplifies everything and is less complicated to install.
  • A status or feedback system lets you know what is working. It constantly checks for the active operation of ozone, UV and power. It can alert you when maintenance is needed.
  • A one-port-in, one-port-out design helps speed up installation and reduce errors. This feature is ideal for service professionals who are upgrading existing pools. Systems with separate external injectors involve more plumbing, and you must control back-pressure and sidestreams.

Hydroxyl radicals created by AOP work so fast, they need to get in the full flow of water as quickly as possible. The most effective AOP units have integrated injectors with a full-flow plumbing design to treat all of the water. They don’t let any water bypass the system, so the hydroxyls immediately get to work.

  • 100% of the water should travel through the system and be treated.
  • Full-flow systems also have fewer parts and are streamlined for quick and efficient installation.

AOP destroys microorganisms and chloramines, and can significantly reduce chlorine dependence. It's important to make sure you are getting a system that is effective, powerful, and serviceable.

Pool sanitizers have come a long way and processes that were once available only commercially are now available to residential consumers. By combining the best available technologies every pool can be crystal clear and safe. Every family can have peace of mind and benefit from Advanced Oxidation products.