Everybody in this area has been focused on getting past all the devastation and destruction — first from Hurricane Irene, then more than two weeks of nearly nonstop rains.

Obviously it was a lot worse right after Irene hit, but even later, we only had a few scattered days where it did not rain. I’d never seen anything like this. I don’t know anybody in the area who’s not affected.

There was a lot of damage around the area, and several of my customers had problems, mainly flooding — the ground is saturated and pools are overflowing. It also becomes a problem getting into the area to service some of the pools where roads are flooded.

We maintain around 300 pools on a weekly basis, and the majority of those we were able to clean up right away after the storm. My crews put in a lot of long hours. We have a couple customers located right on the beach, and the ocean just went right into their pools. So those pools had to be drained and refilled. Because the extraordinary amount of rain raised the underground water table, some pools couldn’t be drained until more than two weeks after Irene, or they would pop out of the ground.