A large budget may open up limitless design options, but it doesn’t guarantee an eye-pleasing aquascape. Conversely, a moderate price tag doesn’t necessarily mean you’re stuck with a mediocre design.

That’s why Pool & Spa News decided to examine great waterscapes costing less than $60,000. It’s just enough money to provide wiggle room, but not enough to get too extravagant. All of the projects are located in Texas, so we could compare apples to apples — or in this case, Texas red grapefruit to Texas red grapefruit (the official state fruit).

The price tag covers the pool and anything included in the shell, such as a spa or waterfeatures, as well as decking. Each is founded on solid design principles and dedication to a core concept. Check out the following six projects.

  • Acclaim Pools
  • Cody Pools & Spas
  • Innovative Pool Design
  • Krause Landscape Contractors
  • The Pool Man Inc.
  • Pulliam Aquatech Pools