Rebecca Robledo, design/construction editor of Pool & Spa News, recently enjoyed a ride-along with Steve Sargent, president of Elite Custom Pools in Lake  Forest, Calif. Steve builds some of the most high-end pools in Orange County.

On our first stop, we visit a pool in progress, built right against a sea wall in Newport Bay. The customers originally asked for a pool that was 5 feet deep throughout. After the shell was shot, they decided to add a bench around the inside perimeter so they could have a shallow area.

Here, Steve’s measuring the pool so he can make that addition.

As Steve inspected the equipment room, he couldn’t find the wiring for the pool controller. The general contractor helped him find it behind the insulation.

At the next stop, Steve and his son Geoff, who works for Elite and has his own service company, try synching up the controller with a smart-phone app.

Steve and Geoff recently finished the pool, with its vanishing edge on the back framing a view of the hills in Newport Beach.

This complex pool in the Laguna Hills was hard to catch in one photo. The shallow area with floating walkway sidles up directly against the house. The whole thing will be finished in basalt tile.

Another Laguna Hills pool, this one with a window in the floor. Steve had to check the elevation of the pane to make sure it was right before applying an epoxy product and then the interior finish.

The vanishing edge spills into a shallow, narrow gutter that leads to a remote holding tank.