The market’s taken off for us -- I’ve gotten more business this year than I’ve had since the economic downturn. I’m swamped with work. I think the lower-end market has definitely gone away and changed, and the people who are spending money with me are the higher-end market. They’re asking for good design and good product.

We’re adding more bodies to the crew. I started getting a backlog -- I have projects scheduled out through the first of the year -- so I know I’m going to have work for everybody for at least a few months. I have brought on two new staff members -- one in our plumbing division and one in our masonry division.

We’re installing more automatic covers than I have in the past. I think that’s partially due to wanting to have more energy-efficient systems with less water loss. Some people in the more affluent areas want to heat their pools all the time, so they’re trying to help maintain that heat by putting on covers. Everybody’s definitely more in tune to variable-speed pumps, and they’re installing some chemical control systems.