We’ve begun a couple changes this year. We now offer a lifetime warranty on certain pools — not just the finish, but on the entire pool.

To qualify for the warranty, the pool has to contain certain components that we trust, and the homeowner has to meet the outlined maintenance requirements. Nobody else can make alterations, additions or replacements, or it voids the warranty.

But our lifetime warranty is lifetime, as long as the client owns the home or the pool, period. And it is transferable within the first three years. We need a 30-day written notice and a minimal administrative fee, and we perform an inspection, just like you would when you buy an extended warranty for refrigerators and other appliances when you want to sell the home.

After three years, whether the original owner keeps the warranty or it’s transferred, we then will require a travel fee to get to the job. But it’s minimal, compared to the price of, say, replacing the pump or the finish.

We’ve also introduced the Ultimate Pool Package, which consists of the greenest, most user-friendly, safest and healthiest components you can put on a pool.

The package includes an LED light, efficient in-floor system, a pebble finish, freshwater sanitation system and auto fill. We want it to be as efficient, healthy and low-maintenance as possible.

The warranty and our Ultimate Pool Package have helped us sell value vs. price. And, we have increased our average pool price since January 1. Last year, it was $30,200. From January 1 to mid-February of this year, our average price is over $38,000.