Besides the Austin market, we’ve been in the San Antonio area for several years. For the past year, we’ve been developing markets in Houston and Dallas, just staffing and building up our name in those two markets.

To do this, we’ve put offices with display pools in both those markets: One is in the Plano area, near Dallas; the other is in Spring, on the north side of Houston. We have a full construction, sales and service staff in both those markets. We spent the last 10 months developing them, and now we’re going forward with them full force this year.

The last time we expanded was in 2008 into the San Antonio market. We now have two locations in San Antonio, and we’re one of the top builders there now. This is the first time we’ve expanded since the recession. Everything seems to be trending a little bit more on the positive side, and we feel like 2013 is going to be a strong year, so now we will be ready in those markets.