Of course, the company shrank during the last few years, so now we’re analyzing how we want to add positions back as things progress: Now that things are becoming busier, which way do we want to grow? How do we want to look at our company? Which way is the world going? Are we going to have a lot of construction here in Boise, Idaho, or are we going to gradually grow it back up?

What’s really kept us going is our service work, so we’re evaluating whether we want to try to base our stability on that side of the business. It looks to me like growth in construction will be really gradual, so we wouldn’t abandon our focus on service.

We’ve been able to find a couple good people to make up for some of the staff we lost. They’re able to move back and forth between construction and service work, because they’ve had experience in both. If you have a little flexibility, that really helps, especially in a smaller market.

Our biggest thing is you’ve got to have the right people. So I think we’ll continue to interview and look at professionals as they become available, to see if we can maybe form relationships with them. You’ve got to keep looking all the time, because it’s not easy to find talented people — even though there are a lot out there.