The last three years have been a record high in revenue for us because we have landed unusual projects. We’re doing something for the ambassador of Dubai and we’ve done projects in Abu Dhabi (both are in the United Arab Emirates), we’ve done projects in Jeddah and Riyadh (both in Saudi Arabia), and we’re doing consulting work in Caracas (Venezuela). They’re big, big projects. You don’t get those everyday. It’s been a huge blessing.

We will be putting up a new link on our Website for global services. Hopefully through our contacts and the Web, we’ll continue to get those big works.

Our first job abroad was in Dubai, which we got three years ago. Until then, 99.99 percent of our work was right here in the D.C. market. You get lucky — you meet somebody and then you form a relationship.

We had built a pool for this client’s second home here in Washington, D.C. We became friends, so he took us to Dubai. Each job is different and requires a different recipe. In Jeddah, we did all the high-end finishes with our own guys. All the rough concrete we did with their local people. We will supplement with our own crews based on where we see there’s a deficiency.