We are spending a lot of time marketing — all Web-based. Facebook is one that we spent quite a bit of time and money on, trying to gain more followers.

I know everybody’s sick of the word Facebook — I certainly am. But what’s so unique about Facebook is that everybody, all their 100 million followers, have basically provided all of their information, so that we can target market exactly the person we want to reach. We can take our general region and pinpoint exactly the age bracket that we’re looking for, the occupation or occupations and income level, and we can target market those people with precision.

We’ve been doing this on Facebook for about a year. I wouldn’t say it’s been hugely successful, but we have picked up work from it. Our trend has been to really focus on Baby Boomers. We go on Facebook and target people from 45 through about 65.

You only pay when you click. We set up a limit of maybe $5 per day. I know that sounds like a small amount, but we’re keeping to a tight budget. The system throws out impressions until it reaches that $5 maximum — it might be three or four people clicking on that ad — and then it turns if off until the next day.